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They could either try creative ways to restructure or risk losing their piece of the market. Rofl that tent pole thing is pretty funny. I would tell my hubby to stop being a beast if I wer me her. Imagine the mortification once ppl found out. Out of the ones I read recently, I like:. Could you please write the Chinese titles as well and the genre? Sorry if I wrote too many questions. Hope that helps! Hamster and Super Latte, I have to say I have enjoyed reading these comments going back and forth.

I keep searching for the recommended ones. Gotten so hooked on Chinese romance novels. Have a great week. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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Join us and share your favorites! Do you have a genre you like? The main couple is super cute together and the concept is quite thought provoking — if you lost the love of your life and they came back to you but looking different you would still love them right? Well here is the bender, what if after losing your beloved, you meet two ppl, one who looks like them and the other behaves like them, what then??

Woot woot. Thnx for the rec! I think I might be dying a slow death of not having dramas to watch. Yes the plan is to get u addicted too then I have someone to discuss the drama with! Ohhhhh sounds like goodie!! Yuxi is really cute. Living sis totally dif from dead sis, but guy fell for her anyway. Welcome back onboard Captain Hamster!! Yes the second and final lil minion is on the way, which makes a pigeon pair, def no more after this..

So cannot do anymore mentally, physically or financially!! Yeh I find Yuxi super adorable and the cheek to cheek moments of her and ZC so yummy!!!


How funny was the shower scene?? U just wait til ep8 and the movie theatre then talk to me… Aw Mah Gawd!!! Btw wat is with T-dramas?! Who needs 1hr 15min episodes????!!!! When u break it down, not a whole lot actually happens each episode, wouldnt this show flow better and storyline feel more succinct if it benefited from heavier handed editing, down to like say mins?

I think we will see things get more complicated for him and the rise of lady love 2 when he can eventually sees again. Because up til now he has been falling for his cute n quirky caretaker for just who she is. See her face whenever I, I look at you. That song brings me back to HS! And yeah, these long eps are crazy. They shud insert commercials like American shows and voila, 45 mins content in 60 mins showtime.

She wants a girl so bad but ends up with another boy.

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Woman, I married a yellow guy, born n bred in a white suburb they were 1 of 3 Asian families there for like 10yrs! Colour confused much?! If anything, these dramas and blogs are a welcomed albeit brief relief from reality! Having 2 of the same make u wonder if u want that one lil boy or girl enough to face the risk of having all 3 girls or all 3 boys! Cheeky ZC… She wanted to see a movie, did it have to be a horror one?!

Ohhhh when they have close cheek to cheek moments and his expression soften because of her! I know ppl on both sides, two couples who successfully got their third being a daughter and one who got three boys.

My friend who has two boys currently is bent on getting a girl even if it means going to as many as four tries. Her husband even joked that they can name their kids after the ninja turtles if they end up with four boys two already coincidentally named that way haha. Eee I know! I love how he suddenly becomes aware of her close presence and kinda gravitates towards her. Seriously, I need more episodes per week. And making-outs please! Tw dramas are so good at that. He sure is selling it though. That gender ratio is even more skewed than the Chinese national one which is purposefully skewed!

I am just glad to have something to take me out of the drama drought. Here is to hoping that the series which starts well, will ends well!

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Yep, my two cousins ended up with 2 boys and 1 girl each. My aunt has 3 boys.

Hamster with a broken arm in a cast goes viral

And my bff has 2 boys. I remember my first tw drama was Devil Beside You and I was totally impressed with their skinship. Then later Rainie Yang revealed that Mike He has a technique to make his onscreen kisses look like French kisses without actually doing it for real… and I was like!!!! Mind blown! Tw mando, though, is influenced by Hokkien, which leads to some differences in pronunciations and tones. To my ears though, tw mando simply sounds more informal with less enunciation like Southern Vnm while standard putonghua used in cdramas sounds more like Northern Vnm.

My Little Princess - EP8 - Accidental Fall?! [Eng Sub]

You guys have totally hijacked this post, haha… Btw, what is this TVB gold you speak of? Afterwards it was an anime obsession mainly revolving around Detective Conan, which further supplemented my assassination skills. Then there was a week of K-drama fangirliness—the shortest obsession ever, lol.

Their kissing really sucked, but during that week of k-drama high I seriously memorized Korean phrases straight from the drama. My lowest point.

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After that, I was no longer interested in dramas. They never seemed to match up to the golden memories of my childhood, and rewatching is such a pain because looking back, the quality was really bad. Lastly, a word on crushes. I triple-dated mentally my actor crushes who were over twice my age, so never fear—love or crushes transcends age. At least I hope it does.

Recorded Books - Hamster Princess

I refuse to be labeled a reverse-pedo. I have been reading the translation of Dragons a Flying and phoenixes dancing, chi wang Fei and the accidental Bride have you read any of these 3 before? The lead female is a strong woman who is good at martial arts and the lead guy is a rich young master from a prominent family who is also really good looking, patient and excels at martial arts.

I really recommend it. Sorry meant to reply with my thoughts on this book earlier but got caught up w traveling. I think I liked this book okay. The little guy take a seat at a tiny makeshift table and dines on an equally tiny burrito in this short video. If three-quarters of the other 29 NBA team owners vote against Sterling, the Clippers owner could be forced to sell.

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  • Apparently, the devil should sell Prada. According to a new study from the University of British Columbia, a snobby salesperson could be a secret weapon for luxury retailers. A word of caution: people who were swayed by rude salespeople reported a diminished desire for the product two weeks later. Let it go, Prince Charming. When Peanut Butter first joined the family, she crowdsourced advice from her Twitter followers on everything from what to feed the hamster to how to pet the hamster and where it should live.

    Then, within the next 24 hours, Peanut Butter went missing , the family went berserk, and a panicked Teigen live-tweeted the entire thing. The story has a happy ending, though: after using peanut butter the food , flour , security cameras , and elaborate booby traps , Peanut Butter the hamster was recovered. A three-generation photo starring Gwyneth Paltrow; her mom, Blythe Danner; and daughter, Apple Martin; might make some waves in their family.

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