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Then hanging became the favorite method of execution. Yeoman warders like Morton -- known for their colorful blue and red jackets -- have guarded the Tower since the 14th century.

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Peter ad Vincula, where she is buried. LONDON has its share of skeptics who appear on TV and the lecture circuit debunking paranormal activity and disparaging those who believe in ghosts, goblins and things that go bump in the night. Jones, who has written 11 guidebooks -- his latest on the Jack the Ripper tour will be published next year -- is popular on the TV and lecture circuit too. Nobody ever wanted to do a Dickens tour.

Now he guides tours five nights a week, introducing thousands to the sordid crimes of Jack the Ripper. He specializes in the Ripper and other ghostly tours; other companies have a broader range of topics. London Walks, the granddaddy of walking tours in the capital, offers dozens, exploring various parts of the city. On any one night, you can count 20 to 30 groups going out. My Haunted London tour, which is no longer available, was a hybrid. We started out in a minibus, stopped at a couple of historic areas, then moved on to the East End, where there was an abbreviated walking tour.

But for the most part, the streets and buildings are old, historic and creepy, especially at night.

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We arrived at dusk and took a quick stroll through the area and down Clink Street, where we walked beneath a model of a gibbet and a decomposing body. Unfamiliar with gibbets? This particular gibbet marked the location of Clink Prison. A prison museum now operates on the site. We scrambled back into the minibus and returned to the city, stopping at the Church of St. Bartholomew the Great. Even without the legend, the dimly lighted church is atmospheric and eerie.

Groups were being guided through the streets when our driver stopped the van and talked briefly about the women killed. Some of them haunt the area, he said. Then he gave us directions for about a three-block walk and said he would meet us with the van at the other side. We walked toward Christ Church Spitalfields, its steeple overlooking the area where the murders took place. Perhaps because the killer was never caught.

His murders were reported by newspapers around the world. Oh, and by the way, never open up your closet in the dark again, or you risk meeting the demon you invited into your closet. This is another game to get something you deeply wish for; but just like Dry Bones, the stakes are high. Keep in mind this is a one person game. No friends allowed.

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Find a back road inside some dense woods. It has to be inside the forest, not outside or around it. Now that you have found the road, you can begin driving down it right away or take a moment to stop the car and collect your thoughts. DO NOT stop the car; especially to investigate anything you might hear or see inside the car or outside. Just keep going.

This one is mainly a safety hazard for you and your car. First mile: Nothing much will happen. It may get cold, you can turn on the heat if it gets too cold. Keep driving. Ignore ALL movement. No matter how pretty and random it may seem. Sixth mile: The trees will return and the stars will disappear. Ignore the flickering of your headlights. DO NOT turn around. Even if your flickering headlights make it hard to see in front of you, slow down but do not stop driving. No exceptions.

Ninth mile: Your vehicle may stall. Once your car starts, slam on the gas and Keep driving. Eleventh mile: Your vehicle will stall again in front of a red light. DO NOT look at it. Close your eyes, cover your ears… whatever you have to do. Ignore the voices, ignore whatever is grabbing you, ignore everything no matter what. Once your car restarts, Keep driving a little further. Continue driving further until you reach the dead end up ahead. Here is where you make your wish. If you wished for something small enough to fit in your pocket, check there.

If you wished for something bigger, check your backseat or your trunk. If you can live with the major PTSD and whatever else follows you from your journey, then you can live happily with your newly gained wish, or you can gladly go down 11 Mile Road again. Alright, before you all start yelling at me in the comments about how this game is bogus and not scary at all, hear me out.

Bloody Mary has become popular amongst young people due to shows such as Supernatural awesome episode, by the way , movies, and stories throughout modern culture. She was summoned for the purpose of showing a woman her future. The candle colors mentioned are for protection white and black , soothing fear, increasing awareness and intuition purple , and to help open the third eye yellow. This ritual is best performed during the late hours am — am. I wanted to have my voice be heard.

It seemed like everyone who promised to lead us to a better place was assassinated. What is more horrific than seeing the unexplainable happen to a great man of peace and not be able to change it? After checking into our rental house, my mother stayed behind while my father and I headed to the store.

6 Paranormal Games That Could Ruin Your Entire Life If You Dare To Play

Thankfully he forgot his wallet and we turned back only to find two huge men standing in the yard about to enter the house. Before we could do anything a man holding machete grabbed me and in a fit of rage I kicked the living hell out of him and he let us go free. Thinking back, I think it was a hint to my future, as I did it in a bikini. Your whole body shakes and rattles and your mind is focused on only one thing-is there a person going to walk out of those woods in front of me? Where do you in normal life ever experience THAT?

Kate Garner Takes On Woods of Terror

You don't. It's a really scary thing to have to think about.

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Especially after there has been an attack and you know they are out there and it's dark Think about that kind of fear. In a movie theater you identify with a character and go on the journey of, say, Father Merrin in The Exorcist , and it is scaring the shit out of you, but deep down you know you are safe sitting in the theater. Imagine deep down knowing that you are not safe. You are scared of being shot or getting blown to pieces That is the scariest thing.

But honestly, I can't think of anything profoundly horrific that has happened to me in my life. The only thing that scares me is death. I am absolutely terrified of dying. Mostly because I am an atheist and believe when you die, the lights go out. That's it. It's the end of The Sopranos. I'm loving this life and having so much fun. I never want it to end. The thought of losing all of this terrifies me. I love being big. I love being strong. I love being a man. I love being in the movies.

I have never even stepped foot inside a haunted house. Nothing genre-related has ever really scared me. I don't really have nightmares except with everyday occurrences, like someone close to me falling ill. I look forward to my dreams. In them I am I often traveling and on my way home and can't wait to get there to see my loved ones. Everyone I have ever loved is in my dreams.

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The closest I have ever gotten to a nightmare is a reoccurring dream I have had of an all-brown city that is impoverished and deserted. In it, I walk around wondering how it all happened. I feel alone and am only able to see an occasional figure in the distance. I just like to help.