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Some of these ideas end up as actual voice-over or dialogue, others end up as the conceptual backbone of a shot or a scene. Talking to others and getting feedback and criticism on your early ideas is helpful in shaping a meaningful project. I love science because it helps us understand our world and our lives.

One of my goals as a filmmaker is to bring into my stories scientific points of view so that audiences learn specific bits of knowledge that might be helpful to them.

This can be a challenging task as different audiences have different levels of scientific understanding. Most scientists talk about their science in technical terms and that gives the impression to many that science is boring, useless or inaccessible to non-experts. My main deliverable is to understand the science and then to find effective and engaging ways to communicate it or to weave it into an engaging story.

Each project requires a fresh look in terms of how to best collaborate, there are no formulas that fit every project. So early in the collaboration I try to come up with a process that takes into account the major constraints of the project. These constraints may include the requirements and limitations of the scientific partners, the production budget, the delivery schedule, and the strengths of the creative and production team. Most scientists have a limited understanding of the film development and production process and they find it helpful when I am upfront about our needs, goals and expectations.

Collaborations also require constant calibration especially when unexpected challenges arise, and they always do. Being able to improvise is a key ingredient of a successful collaboration, as important as making sure that everyone on the creative and scientific teams is on the same page. These are usually written for a specialised audience. In contrast, art projects offer the possibility of creating an emotional engagement between the environmental issues and the public. But accomplishing this emotional connection is not easy and requires skill, talent, knowledge, a budget, and a team.

I personally like the challenge of finding a balance between the often divergent tasks of creating an emotional connection and communicating the science behind a particular issue. We recently released an interactive casual strategy game called Earth Girl Volcano.

Once the cross-connection is made, it becomes obvious. Thomas H. The history of human thought would make it seem that there is difficulty in thinking of an idea even when all the facts are on the table.

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Making the cross-connection requires a certain daring. It is only afterward that a new idea seems reasonable. To begin with, it usually seems unreasonable. It seems the height of unreason to suppose the earth was round instead of flat, or that it moved instead of the sun, or that objects required a force to stop them when in motion, instead of a force to keep them moving, and so on. A person willing to fly in the face of reason, authority, and common sense must be a person of considerable self-assurance. Since he occurs only rarely, he must seem eccentric in at least that respect to the rest of us.

A person eccentric in one respect is often eccentric in others.

The Sacrifice of Isaac

Consequently, the person who is most likely to get new ideas is a person of good background in the field of interest and one who is unconventional in his habits. To be a crackpot is not, however, enough in itself. Once you have the people you want, the next question is: Do you want to bring them together so that they may discuss the problem mutually, or should you inform each of the problem and allow them to work in isolation?

My feeling is that as far as creativity is concerned, isolation is required. The creative person is, in any case, continually working at it. His mind is shuffling his information at all times, even when he is not conscious of it.

B-Side | Isaac Kerlow: Making Art in the Name of Science

The famous example of Kekule working out the structure of benzene in his sleep is well-known. The presence of others can only inhibit this process, since creation is embarrassing. For every new good idea you have, there are a hundred, ten thousand foolish ones, which you naturally do not care to display. Nevertheless, a meeting of such people may be desirable for reasons other than the act of creation itself.

One person may know A and not B, another may know B and not A, and either knowing A and B, both may get the idea—though not necessarily at once or even soon.

Miracle Child of Abraham and Father of Esau and Jacob

Furthermore, the information may not only be of individual items A and B, but even of combinations such as A-B, which in themselves are not significant. However, if one person mentions the unusual combination of A-B and another the unusual combination A-C, it may well be that the combination A-B-C, which neither has thought of separately, may yield an answer. It seems to me then that the purpose of cerebration sessions is not to think up new ideas but to educate the participants in facts and fact-combinations, in theories and vagrant thoughts.

But how to persuade creative people to do so? First and foremost, there must be ease, relaxation, and a general sense of permissiveness.

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The world in general disapproves of creativity, and to be creative in public is particularly bad. Even to speculate in public is rather worrisome.

What Is Isaac Doing in the Field When He Encounters Rebecca?

All of it, I'm glad that I'm able to film, put out to the people the world and share my story. I want people to watch my videos to feel that anything's possible with the rightmindset. I want you to know that, yes, if you want to do it then, look, I'm doing it so why aren't you?

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Whatever you want to do in life, keep at it. Keep working hard because it will get you somewhere. Anything is possible with the right mindset. Isaac works on his own films and vlogs but many companies need skills like his for creating online content.

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