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Meanwhile, the Surface's rear-hinge design has always made it awkward to use on your lap, and it might also be a poor fit on those little auditorium-seat desks.

Similarly, Apple has tried to turn iPads into laptops, but once again I think it's a foolish hybridization. If you opt for a 9. And if you add a matching keyboard cover, you're definitely in for a cramped experience. I'm not saying a tablet-keyboard combo can't work for some students, but I think a convertible makes a ton more sense -- and gives you a lot more buying options. Once upon a time, the rule for buying a computer -- any computer -- was "buy the largest hard drive you can afford. That means forgoing the 1TB traditional hard drive in favor of a smaller-capacity solid-state drive SSD , which will make even a lower-end laptop run at a faster clip while at the same time helping extend battery life.

SSDs have no moving parts and therefore consume less power. That's what you're likely to find in a lot of the more affordable laptop models. A Chromebook might have even less. But remember, we're living in a cloud-powered world: Most students stream their music and movies from services like Spotify and Netflix, and therefore don't need a ton of local storage for media. Documents such as school papers consume very little space, and will likely be housed on Google Drive or Office Online anyway.

Most students will need a basic suite of productivity tools -- word processor, spreadsheet manager, presentation builder -- to handle the basics of school work. Good news: You may be able to get Microsoft Office for Education for free. Microsoft currently offers the suite at no charge for students and teachers; all you need is a valid school email address.

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Failing that, Office. They may well be enough for writing basic term papers and the like. And if the school doesn't specifically require Microsoft's suite, most students can easily get by with the likes of Google Docs, which of course is free. Alternately, for a more "traditional" productivity software experience, consider a free Office alternative.

I'm partial to both LibreOffice and WPS Office ; the latter is a particularly good choice if you're already acquainted with Microsoft Office, as it has a very similar interface.

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Many college campuses have computer stores that claim to offer the best discounts on student laptops. The flipside is that buying from a campus store may entitle you to local tech support, which could be worthwhile for those times when a paper is due and the laptop is locking up. Similarly, for any computer you're considering, check the warranty terms one year is standard, but you can often extend it and especially the company's tech-support options. For starters, watch for sales.

This is exactly the time of year when stores like Best Buy and manufacturers like Dell and Lenovo start offering back-to-school discounts on laptops and accessories. Right now, for example, Walmart has the Acer CB3 It's about as bare-bones as a laptop can get, but it's also about as inexpensive as they get.

Best Buy, meanwhile, offers a free-to-enroll College Student program , with a number of discounted laptops already available. Wherever you shop for your new laptop, be sure to see if there's a cash-back option by way of a service like Rakuten or TopCashback. That may not sound like a ton, but if you're spending a few hundred bucks -- or more than a few hundred -- this is definitely a savings. Their contributions enable the College to provide Cost of Education scholarships.

When you accept an offer of admission to College of the Ozarks, you make a commitment to uphold the standards of an institution that is different from the norm. Drinking and partying are not acceptable at C of O, and unwholesome attire is not the standard. We believe you will learn and grow as a Christian at C of O, and as a future professional member of the work force. The C of O Cost of Education Scholarship is special because it comes from friends who believe in the College, and believe in you.

Please see the Costs webpage for more information on these expenses. College of the Ozarks discourages student borrowing, and therefore, does not participate in the federal, state or private loan programs. Off-campus work can also be found in the local area as well. Budgeting puts you in control and will help you make better decisions about financing your education.

By increasing your income, decreasing your expenses or doing both, you may be able to pay for your educational expense. Making monthly payments is extremely important. By attending College of the Ozarks you may be able to graduate debt-free. Point Lookout, MO Skip navigation bar to side bar navigation. However, once your application has been allocated to a college, this is final.


If there are any colleges you do not want to go to, you should name a college preference rather than submitting an open application. Check which colleges offer your course. They all have high academic standards. You will also meet people not at your college in your department and at university-wide events. Most students will say their college is the best within a few days of arriving - even if it is not the one they put on their UCAS form! College pride is big, but it doesn't get in the way of intercollege friendship.

I have never felt so liked as I do at my college.

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Competition for places at all Oxford colleges is very strong. None of them is easy to get in to.

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Some colleges tend to receive more applications for each place than others, but this varies from year to year. Open applicants are allocated to colleges which have fewer applications in that year. Each college interviews roughly the same number of applicants for each place.

Many applicants will be interviewed by several colleges during the interview period in December. If at all possible, come to a University Open Day and look round several colleges.

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This will help you decide what college characteristics and facilities are important to you. Student accommodation. Junior common room.